Basically, what happens is the ions of silver comes in contact with the microorganisms by first breaking their cell wall and later on causing interruption in their metabolic function as well as in the functions of  DNA replication, which ultimately leads to their elimination.

Other than this, here are the key benefits of using this technology:

  • Reduced odour formation
  • Articles prepared using this helps in controlling the spread of disease causing germs
  • Improved hygiene
  • Enhanced protection of a range of plastics products
  • Clean technology using no harmful biocides


  • The suitable solid base must extent beyond the diameter of the tank and must include building material like concrete, gravel, bricks with sand top surface between 300mm and 400mm in depth.
  • Appropriate space should be left between the tank and the circumferential structures, so that expansion space is present there when the tank is filled. It is recommend to have minimum of 150mm (6 inches) all around. Now, position the tank ensuring best access for filling, maintenance as well as safety. 

Production Expertise

From the past several years, we have been engaged into manufacturing plastic items such as Floating Plastic Pontoon, Water Tank, Blow Mold Water Storage Tank, Garden Pipe, Plastic Ghamela, etc. using quality material. The immense experience we hold enable us to understand the growing market requirements and latest market trends. According to them, we produces the plastic items through advance technology and modern machines which helps us in coming up with dimensionally accurate and durable offerings. To retain our leading position in the market, we keep upgrading our machines & equipment which also enhance our production capacity. Also, we are having a group of production experts under whom supervision all manufacturing processes take place.

We are mainly dealing in West Bengal, Bihar, Jharkhand and Odisha.